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Shorthand for "Build Level."
As I compile defferent revisions, I occasionally find better optimization settings than what I had before. When I do, I start implementing it in all builds from that time on. If I have time, I implement those optimizations in older builds. The higher the number, the more recent (and better) it is. I will rebuild revisions to a higher BL upon request.
Level 103 -Failed attempt at speed increase for AMD users. REMOVED
Level 102 -Compiled with support for OpenMP (if applicable)
Level 101 -Combined all SSE3,SSSE3,SSE4.1,and SSE4.2 builds into one build. Also supports AVX. Will no longer be keeping track of labeling/naming in the Build Level (so no more BL changes like 5,6,7, or 8).
Level 9 -Fixed a setting that caused stuttering during gameplay
Level 8 -Fixed default plugin names
Level 7 -Hard-coded information specific to the build. Changed Plugin names to include SSE number.
-Updated information in text file in build directory
Level 6 -Updated information in text file in build directory
-Change Naming method to
Level 5 Included more information about the version and type of build.
-Include Build Level number in archive and folder name (L#)
-Include text file in build directory with version information
-Change Naming method to
Level 4 Included both the Regular and SSE optimized OpenGL plugin in SSE builds.
Level 3 Further enhanced optimization of Regular Builds.
Level 2 Further enhanced optimization of SSE# and added AMD compatability to 64bit
Level 1 Minimal optimization