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Introduction to Dolphin
(a portion of the FAQ)

What is Dolphin?

-Dolphin (or Dolphin-Emulator) is a program that allows users to play Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on their computer

How does it work?

-This program works as an Emulator for the Gamecube and Wii console. In other words, if you have the gamecube or wii game saved as an ISO Image (disk image) or have the game saved to a disk, you can use this program to play it.

Is it illegal?

-No. As long as you own the game, you can use this to play it on your computer.

What is a Revision?

Dolphin is constantly being worked on and improved. The source code is constantly changing and getting better. "Revisions" are used to keep track of all the changes to the source code by numbering the changes.

What is "Source Code"?

-Source code is what developers use to write a program. Source code is always written in a computer language that is easily understood by developers (C++ and Java are two examples of this type of computer language).

What are Dolphin "Builds"?

-Before the source code of Dolphin (or any other program) can be run, it must be compiled into a language that the computer can understand. Compilers take the source code and convert it into a program that can be run. The resulting program is what I refer to as a "Build."

What is a "Compiler"?

"Compiler" can refer to two things:
1) A person who uses a program to convert source code into a useable program
2) The program used by the person to convert the source code into a useable program (build)

What is the difference between Lectrode's builds and so-and-so's builds?

My (Lectrode's) builds have special optimizations applied to the code when it is compiled. Some optimizations are for specific Computer Processors, so make sure yours supports them.

What is "SSE"?

SSE stands for Streaming SIMD Extensions. You can think of these as shortcuts built into certain processors that programs can take advantage of. If a program uses these shortcuts and the processor supports them, they can increase the performance speed of the program. However, if the processor does not support them, the program will crash when it tries to use them. There are different "sets" of these shortcuts, each including the shortcuts in the previous set.
For example, SSE4.1 has the shortcuts in SSE3, plus some additional, but does not have some of the ones in SSE4.2


What are the System Requirements?

For Builds compiled by Lectrode:
Windows XP or higher (Windows 7 recommended)
Good CPU (2 Cores or more recommended) that supports SSE2 or higher
Good graphics (integrated graphics chip NOT recommended)

What is "32 Bit" (x86) and "64 Bit" (x64)?

They are terms refering to how a computer's processor (CPU) handles data. All you need to know about them is:
1) 64 Bit is better
2) 64 Bit programs CANNOT run on 32 Bit Operating Systems
3) 32 Bit programs CAN run on 64 Bit Operating Systems

Do I need any additional software to make Dolphin run on my computer?

-Yes! The next page in the crash course will explain further.
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