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I did not make this. This is from a Microsoft Windows 2000 OS. The reason I put this on here is because Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista do not have this screensaver. Most of the older computers that this came on couldn't support the animated walls and ceilings and go at a decent speed in fullscreen mode. Now that they have computers out there that do, I decided to make this available to everyone with a computer with Microsoft Windows that does not have this already on it. Click here to download.

I changed the link to take you to a website where you can download the Win98 version. If you would like the Win2000 version, you can request it via email (steve141234[at]aim.com).

This is the original screensaver that I based my Windwaker screensaver on. I have removed the versions that I made. I am currently redoing all the art so that I can truely say that it was made entirely by me. This may take me a while. If you would like the latest stable version of version, drop me an email: (steve141234[at]aim.com).

Download Nintedo's version here.

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